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Disney World Has Hidden Hundreds of Lightning Rods in its Florida Parks

Photograph by Michelle McEwen. Released under the Unsplash License.

Central Florida has more lightning than any other part of the United States — each year, the area boasts more than 50 lightning strikes per square mile — which, given that lightning is four times hotter than the sun, can be bit of a problem for Central Florida’s most famous and popular attraction: Walt Disney World.

Or, at least, it would be a problem if Disney hadn’t hidden lightning rods in random places around its Florida parks.

Here, for example, Mickey’s right ear is made of copper:

Copyright: Disney

Here, the weather vane on top of the Hall of Presidents is actually a lightning rod:

Copyright: Disney

And here, each of the spikes protruding from the Tower of Terror is a lightning rod:

Photograph by Elijah Merrell. Released under the Unsplash License.

And . . . well, everywhere. Next time, you’re at Walt Disney World take a look along every roof line and you’ll see a seemingly endless supply of metal spikes poking up toward the heavens. It’s hard to miss, once you’ve noticed it.

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